Round Trip Shuttle Pricing

for 1-6 paddlers


 day trip at Dan A. Hughes SNA



Baker's Crossing - Dan A. Hughes SNA

Del Norte SNA - Dan A. Hughes SNA


Baker's Crossing - Del Norte SNA


1 day trip at Del Norte SNA


Baker's Crossing - mile 40
w/water taxi to Rough Canyon


 Del Norte SNA - mile 40
w/water taxi
to Rough Canyon


Shuttle/River Access Permit Availability:



River Alerts

  • You may only obtain your DRAP and shuttle service up to 5 months in advance. Currently TP&WD is only giving out permits through Sept 7. Hopefully this is extended soon.

  • Dan A Hughes SNA has been reopened until Oct 2020.



Get Devils River access permit 
info at TP&WD

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